In a saccharine-aspartame world of contemporary pop music, Will Charles’ sound is pure honey. It oozes into all your senses, awakens the psyche, triggers remembrances of the heart and—above all—reminds us to love and be loved.

One could describe Will’s musical eclecticism as David Byrne meets Sargent Pepper with a little Frank Zappa quirk and Smokey Robinson sensuality on the side. Yet any attempted comparison falls short. Far beyond genre bending, Will blends idiosyncratic styles, suffuses riffs and excuses same-old-same-old hooks altogether to exude a wholly fresh attitude.

Lyrically driven and a storyteller by nature, Will’s songs are like little books of insight into the human condition. He writes around big themes that resonate optimism and a romantic sensibility without schmaltz. “I’m not trying to make a statement; these thoughts just arrive organically,” he conveys. “They’re like clouds—they go by and I pull them down. It’s always fresh and surprising, like something blue coming out yellow. My songs are deep conversations that speak to a lot of things. My intention is for them to be personal to the listener.”

What more can be said? Describing any of Will’s songs is sort of like preparing for a blind date: You’ve been told this single beauty is witty, smart and fun but you don’t really know if you’re going to like her or know how you’ll FEEL around him. So let’s dispense with any more description and just have a listen.




Walkin’ For That Mile
Heartfelt Truth
Jacked Off
El Amor
Love Goes
Oh Well
Where’D It Go